Tom Lumborg

Dev Team Assistant Lead & Senior Cloud Platform Developer

“I’m excited by learning new things, finding new ways to solve problems and challenging myself, so The Summit with their focus on the cutting-edge of technology was the natural fit for me. From day one, I could tell The Summit team were very different, they are problem solvers like me.”

Tom graduated from university in July 2020 after completing his BEng Mechanical Engineering degree and, on his return to Jersey, spent 18 months working in audit for one of the world’s largest professional services networks of accounting and consulting firms. He quickly advanced his knowledge of accounting and business operations, and while there, expanded his interest in technology, teaching himself how to implement Power Apps to improve the workflow of the audit department.

From day one, I could tell The Summit team were very different, they are problem solvers like me.

Tom’s self-starter attitude and keen appetite for knowledge quickly drew him to the team at The Summit, where he is now extending his technical knowledge across the whole suite of Microsoft Power Apps and applying his engineer’s mindset to real life solutions.

“There are many similarities; mechanical engineering involves looking at how systems interact with each other, and understanding how changing one thing can lead other things to change. The drive is for efficiency in all things, so I have that attention to detail on both a micro and system-wide level.”

With excellent analytics and maths skills, Tom’s forte is solving problems, particularly when it comes to anything complex, and being able to make systems work more efficiently and smoothly.

“What excites me most about the tech landscape? The integration and automation, which enables you to have information when and where you need it, so you can spend time on more creative or complex tasks.”

With a list of out-of-work hobbies and interests that include water polo, swimming and cycling, Tom brings an ethos of hard work and a strong drive to succeed to The Summit team.

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