at the core of everything we do is the drive to make businesses better.

who we are

At The Summit, we’re not simply specialists. We’re specialists with an overriding desire to make businesses better. We deliver specialist data insights, visibility, analytics and solutions that leverage better, faster and more correct decisions for the businesses we work with.Performance drives us. If it drives you too, we’re a great fit.

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real value

"These guys get it. Ben and the team were able to take our ideas and implement these into tangible deliveries in short timescales to offer real value to us and our customers. A true pleasure to work with."

Stuart Geddes
Group IT Director, Ocorian

/ what we do

what we deliver

data modelling and data analytics are dark arts for a reason. they’re complicated. we have the skills and insights to mine your data’s insights, identify actionable benefits and then design bespoke solutions that harness the power of your data and fuel your innovation.


Quality without compromise. We design and build quality solutions, we give quality advice and we only hire quality specialists. People who want the best come to us for a reason.


Elegant experiences. Form and function need each other. We craft experiences that balance beautifully designed form and powerful function. It’s what sets us apart


Get access to advanced insight and performance analytics with expert skills and guidance to take your business to new heights, leveraging the best suited technologies for your unique scenarios.

what we do

No business can afford to stand still. We will always address the issues we see head on, because we know the seriousness of the problems we aim to solve. We empower businesses with data analytics they can trust, insights they can use and impact they can measure.

Our product is multi-industry business performance, packaged up in slick, innovative solutions. We don’t do things by halves. And the businesses we work with choose us because of that.

Just like anything high performance, the quality of the engineering ensures the quality of the experience. There are no shortcuts.

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