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Accelerate your journey to modern cloud platforms.

Leverage powerful
cutting-edge technology.

You understand the potential. We’re the creative technologists who transform potential into results. We advise on, architect and deliver end-to-end enterprise platforms that fuel your ambition with technological innovation.

we are

platform architects
Strategic advisors
Data modellers
Business app developers
Business analysts
Data platform developers
Cloud developers
Data engineers
Analytics specialists
Report builders
Visualisation specialists
client portal developers

The tool box

We invest in best-in-class technology, and the experts to operate them. By working with us, you’ll extend the capabilities of your existing teams by getting access to insights from tools outside your toolkit, and skilled practitioners of those tools.

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Power Apps

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Data Models

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/ models

how we work

First, we establish exactly what you need. Then we innovate for you, architecting custom cloud data platforms that deliver everything you need them to, from insights to impact to efficiencies.



Ongoing expert advisory and data and analytics strategy development with a partnership that continuously maximises your business’ performance and evolves insights-driven solutions in symphony.


Think of us as a bolt-on analytics department that adds to and extends your existing team.


You’ll have instant access to expert perspectives and grow custom tailored technologies to transform your business’ capabilities, whilst still leveraging your in house resources.

02/ Projects


In working with us, you’ll get focused experts to design, build and leverage best-in-class technologies to build specific, outcome-focused solutions for your project.


Get access to advanced insight and performance analytics with expert skills and guidance to take your business to new heights, leveraging the best suited technologies for your unique scenarios.

/ expertise

Everything you need,
nothing else.

We have the knowledge and experience to leverage the limitless possibilities of the market-leading data analytics tools, selecting and customising the perfect combination of technologies for your requirements.

A close up shot of a mobile phone with client data

power bi

Meet the gamechanger, an insanely powerful tool that is revolutionising reporting and analytics in business. Advanced data modelling and visualisation enables your teams to understand and maximise operational and strategic performance.

Client data on a laptop being discussed

azure cloud data tech

Complex Big Data solutions often require additional architecture to bring it all together. Azure is the answer. Think the scalable power of a Cloud Data Warehouse with the ability to leverage the already extensive services available in Azure, and develop hybrid solutions that combine cloud functionality with on-premise data sources.

A shot through an office window of The Summit team

data projects

With deep expertise in data projects from a hundred rows to a billion rows, we know exactly what to look for, and when. From small-scale reporting to full M&A multi system surgical extractions of client data, we have the experience, skills and agility to ensure any data project is a success.

A birds-eye shot of someone holding a phone with a coffee

power apps

With the ability to interact with and automate the solutions we build, PowerApps is the market-leading powerhouse for business applications and new digital processes. It puts the power in your hands to control and execute data refreshes on demand, edit budgets, mappings and settings. PowerApps can also be used to automate, streamline and enhance business processes, with audit, context and controls that all work remotely.

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