Rise above the rest with next-level, enterprise intelligence and app platforms, leveraging powerful cloud data architecture.

We fuel your ambition
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One team, delivering everything from concept to execution. Creative technologists, enterprise cloud platform architects, developers, data experts and entrepreneurial innovators - you get us all. Think of us as your technology SWAT team.

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Renewable Energy

Schroders Greencoat


Santander International

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Suntera Global


Government of Jersey


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Private Equity

Crane VC

Management Consulting

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Next-level impact

Technology innovation for enterprise and entrepreneurs alike, delivering superior value and tangible results, deployed at scale and at pace. Powerful advantages to move your business up.

What we do
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Smarter, simpler
and faster.

precisely tailored.

"The Summit is able to understand our strategic level drivers and financial reporting needs. Designing sophisticated budgeting and financial performance analytics models precisely tailored to the business."

Ben Cooke
Chairman of Dominion

/ How we work

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We start by analysing your unique business context in depth, factoring in your people, strategy, data and technology requirements.

The Summit team in a coffee shop


Combining our expert knowledge and industry experience with the discovery findings, we design a custom solution to maximise the potential of your opportunity.

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Agile development of quality and robust solutions, using best practice approaches and the latest technologies to tailor the perfect solution to accelerate your business objectives.

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With The Summit, you get a dedicated team managing your project from end to end. We want you to be set up for success from day one.

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Ongoing expert advisory and data and analytics strategy development with a partnership that continuously maximises your business’ performance and evolves insights-driven solutions in symphony.


Think of us as a bolt-on analytics department that adds to and extends your existing team.


You’ll have instant access to expert perspectives and grow custom tailored technologies to transform your business’ capabilities, whilst still leveraging your in house resources.

02 / consulting


In working with us, you’ll get focused experts to design, build and leverage best-in-class technologies to build specific, outcome-focused solutions for your project.


Get access to advanced insight and performance analytics with expert skills and guidance to take your business to new heights, leveraging the best suited technologies for your unique scenarios.

/ the summit

More power to
build better.

The digital revolution has unlocked a new way to work. Faster, more efficient and direct. But to unlock the full potential, you must move beyond yesterday’s methods.

We help organisations fuel the constant innovation needed by bringing together our expert knowledge and understanding with best-in-class tools and processes. Actionable intelligence to help you navigate the next chapter where digital sophistication is key.

A graph illustration showing the three pillars of The Summit, model, analyse and accelerate.

We turn our clients into
tech-driven businesses.

Cutting-edge cloud technology, an entrepreneurial mindset and deep expertise in a wide range of sectors and services allow us to enhance our clients’ businesses worldwide.

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Multi-industry business performance, packaged up in slick, innovative solutions.

/ 001


Modern analytics solutions and reporting, integrated seamlessly to accelerate real world performance.

/ 002


Custom data solutions that revolutionise reporting capabilities, enhance visibility and save valuable time.

/ 003

Sports Performance

Unique reporting that delivers dynamic insight, from sport rankings to athlete performance monitoring.

/ 004


Comprehensive investment monitoring and performance modelling solutions that make processes swift and efficient.

/ 005


The transition to modern data-driven technology is easier than you think. We deliver major digital transformation seamlessly.

/ 006

Renewable Energies

Our energy sources are continually replenished by nature — the sun, the wind, water, the Earth's heat, and plants.

/ 007


Cutting-edge cloud-based analytics platforms, custom designed to be sophisticated and scalable.

/ 008


Tailormade solutions for FATCA, CRS, BNOR, NRA, CDD to monitor performance and more.

/ 009

Property portfolio management

Data modelling and reporting integrated into enterprise-scale solutions, enabling data-driven insights and decision-making

/ 010


Bespoke customer and financial performance models, designed to scale with you.

/ 011

Big Data

Consolidate systems on a global scale with data warehouses that allow a single, business-wide view of performance.

/ 012


No more spreadsheets. Custom-built management accounts reporting solutions that are cloud-based and integrate seamlessly with Xero.

/ limitless possibilities

Everything you need,
nothing else.

Leverage the limitless possibilities of a custom combination of market-leading data analytics tools, platforms and technologies. In working with us, you’ll get access to insights from tools outside your existing toolset, and expertly-trained practitioners to design and deliver the perfect configuration for your needs.

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