Matt Andrews

Cloud Data Engineer

“What drew me to The Summit was the opportunity to learn and refine my skills as an engineer as part of a team of very talented individuals who are as excited by the changing digital landscape as I am.” Matt brings his passion for technology and strong academic and tech background to The Summit, with three degree-level qualifications in IT and over four years of hardware engineer experience within industry. Along with his technical expertise, Matt’s interests extend into the critical application areas of IT including digital marketing, web development and digital transformation, and graduated from the Digital Leadership Programme with flying colours.

“I think it’s fair to say I live and breathe technology. I’m very excited by the latest digital trends, and working with like-minded colleagues at The Summit helps keep me ahead of the game.” Highly motivated to learn and expand his skill set, Matt is known for remaining calm and composed in even the most demanding environments. Matt is an expert computer builder, and has completed over 100 custom PC builds including highly personalised machines and even water-cooled systems.

“What excites me most about the tech landscape? Watching the future unfold as technology improves at a rapid rate and uniquely impacts all aspects of our lives. complex problems become easier to solve as new technology is developed and becomes more accessible.”

When he’s not deep in emerging technologies, you’ll find Matt either testing Strava to its limits as one of Jersey’s successful competitive runners or pursuing a few more of his interests, cycling and weight training.

“I dedicate my free time to my fitness, I’m passionate about running and very committed to my training.”

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