Anna Norton

HR Consultant

The Summit has established a strategic partnership with Anna to provide expert guidance, support, and enhancement of our people practices. Our commitment to implementing best HR practices and contemporary people policies underscores the immense value we place on our exceptional members of The Summit team.

Under the guidance of Anna and her team, we have received responsive, effective, and high-quality advice throughout a series of upgrades and enhancements to our formal documents, procedures, and day-to-day events. As a result, we are now fully compliant and up-to-date, enabling us to continue growing and innovating while providing an exceptional career experience for our team.

Anna and the Virtual HR team bring a powerful combination of skills to the table. With their organisational prowess, commercial acumen, and approachable demeanour, they offer a deep understanding of HR across various business contexts. Whether you need advice, administration support, or employment documents, Anna and her team are your reliable on-call HR partners, ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of employee management and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

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