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If you’re an ambitious digital investment business aiming to redefine user experience, increase operational efficiencies and stay ahead of the curve, you’re in the right place. The Summit delivers tailored strategies and fully-integrated cloud solutions that are scalable,  future-proofed and built on industry-leading technologies.

Join the right vision with the perfect tech ally for an agile approach, quick pivots, efficient decision-making and a product that’s market-ready faster than you’d imagine. Let’s go.

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“The Summit’s interaction and ongoing support have been key to bringing 
Jersey’s first digital investing platform to the market. As our technology partner, they are absolutely first-rate.”

Simon O’Donoghue,
CEO, Spring IM

Spring im

Crafting a bespoke platform using cutting-edge technology to offer the island’s first fully regulated, fully digital investment solution which onboards customers swiftly and effectively, matches them with a strategy that meets their investment goals and offers real-time reporting through an online client portal.

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Our partnership style means truly being a partner; consulting, listening and suggesting alternatives, rather than just acting as a service provider. With the Spring IM digital investing platform, we have been able to implement the leading cutting-edge Microsoft technology, working in the way it has been designed to.

For us, that’s innovation at its best, enabling us to hold true to the original vision and delivering a far more quality product, both for customers and stakeholders.

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