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Trees for Life Jersey

At The Summit, our decision to sponsor Trees for Life is rooted in our deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

Trees for Life's mission is to plant, protect and nurture trees while educating and inspiring our community about their environmental and social importance. This sponsorship reflects our broader strategy of investing in environmental stewardship and underscores our belief in the importance of taking actionable steps towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Through our partnership with Trees for Life, we aspire to inspire our employees, customers, and the wider community to recognise the importance of ecological balance and to take part in meaningful conservation efforts.

National Trust

Adding our support to protecting Jersey’s natural beauty.

The Summit team love the outdoors, especially the beautiful landscape and nature right on our doorstep. We enjoy the breath-taking coastlines, exploring the tranquil woods and wandering in the peaceful lanes of the island. It’s a huge part of our lives and hope it will be there for many future generations to come. This is why we have chosen to support The National Trust Jersey as our first act to give back to the local community, becoming an associate corporate member.

Digital Jersey

Supporting our amazing local tech community.

The Summit are proud to be members of Digital Jersey, to be involved with the amazing local tech community. Our membership with Digital Jersey opens up another wealth of resources and possibilities for The Summit and its partners, as we collaborate with like minded technology experts and enthusiasts.

Jersey's Commonwealth Games

Developing a gamechanger athlete data platform.

Sport forms an huge part of our daily lives and culture at The Summit, our team are always looking to improve their own sporting performance and push themselves with challenges and sporting events. The Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey is therefore a perfect fit as one of our community partners, where we're eager to discover their ambitions and what innovations we could bring to the organisation. We have been working with closely with CGAJ staff, team managers and athletes to developed a game-changing, bespoke data platform that enables athlete performance data to be both digitally/automatically collected and analysed by all stakeholders visually online.

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