We won the 2021 Round The Rock Relay Men’s Category!

Ben Symonds MSc

Unbelievably we actually won the men’s category in the 2021 Round the Rock Relay!

A combined 7 hours and 41 minutes of trail running, it was an amazing day! the whole team put in massive efforts, in challenging conditions of rain and overgrown coastal trails. Across the team we experienced farthest distances ever run, new 15km PBs and a whole array of segment PRs claimed on Strava!

The event is now solidified itself as an annual tradition for The Summit, with the pressure on next year to defend our title!!

We celebrated with our own medal and trophy ceremony (at the pub) with many recovery beers and put all the calories back with a hearty 3 course dinner.

We can’t wait till next year to improve our overall time!


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