Using skills for good with YouMatter

Ben Symonds MSc

The Summit team recognise the challenges faced by young people, and this is even more the important in the current environment of physical isolation and digital communication. We also believe in using our skills for good, so when we decided to support a local charity, YouMatter stood out as a great candidate.  

YouMatter work with thousands of young people in Jersey every year. YouMatter work to help young people grow a positive self-image and inspire them to make healthy, positive choices about their lives and relationships.  The Summit have supported YouMatter by giving both our time and skills to help the organisation make sense of the data collected through the important work that they do.  

Peter Warrell has been developing modern analytics solutions for YouMatter to enable visual analysis on the organisations data. This has helped them to save huge amounts of time and gain more insights than ever before. Sarah Gray, Executive Director at YouMatter had this to say:

"The Summit have completely revolutionised the way that we use our data at YouMatter.

We have always collected a lot of data about the workshops that we provide, but any process to evaluate it has been lengthy and involved lots of manual analysis using Excel. We were kindly offered the support of The Summit to help us make smarter use of our data.

The Summit have taken the time to really understand our organisation and have utilised that understanding to develop a dynamic, tailored solution. The reporting they have built provides powerful insights into our work and we can now quickly identify patterns and trends, allowing us to best target our interventions for children, young people and families in Jersey.

Our data is now beautifully and dynamically presented, helping us to visually demonstrate the impact of our charity. The system is easy to use, even for someone with no previous experience of Power BI and The Summit have been keen to support us in making the best use of it. We also now have inbuilt functionality to proactively monitor data quality, helping us to ensure that the data we collect is as accurate as possible.

Thank you to The Summit for your generous commitment to us. When it comes to supporting children and young people, we know that early intervention is key. The system you have built for us will help us to work smarter and support us in proactively targeting our services."

Sarah Gray, Executive Director at YouMatter.

You can find out more about the great work that YouMatter do to support young people at:

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