The Summit reaches new heights

Ben Symonds MSc

The Summit reaches new heights with its drive to fuel innovation for businesses.

The Summit is marking its third year of business by launching a refreshed new website and evolved value proposition to support the next stage of its growth. 

Founded by Ben Symonds in early 2020, The Summit is a specialist data insights, analytics and multi-industry business performance company driven by a relentless desire to take great businesses to new heights. As they build on the last few years of growth, The Summit have updated their look and messaging to stand out in the field and unite their present and future offerings. 

Founder and Managing Director Ben Symonds explains: “We started The Summit because we felt businesses were missing out on a high value asset, their data. This untapped potential is primed and ready to unlock amazing understanding, insights and forecasting into all areas of business that can rapidly convert to real world performance.. To act on this opportunity to make businesses better, we followed three simple principles: to design and build quality solutions, to give quality expert advice and to grow a team of quality specialists. We’re still doing all of that, but we’ve gone from a founder with an idea to a thriving 360-degree insights and analytics company that accelerates data-driven clarity and performance for a wide range of organisations.” 

"Our clients don’t want just more data, they want more insight"

“Our clients don’t want just more data, they want more insight. At The Summit, we accelerate that by connecting, analysing and streamlining data into a tangible output that businesses can actually action. We’ve always been true to who we are, but we felt it was time to express ourselves more clearly so people could really see and feel this. Our refreshed website and strengthened messaging reflects our commitment to, and passion for, driving business performance, and feels more authentic to who we are, how we solve problems and work with our clients. Our focus is to enable better, data-driven decisions and help businesses thrive in this new landscape, not only with deeper insights into their data, but also in strategy, planning and designing elegant, bespoke solutions.” 

Taking great businesses to new heights

As the need to unify data and better understand business performance in real-time increases, The Summit is positioned to connect advanced data intelligence with execution, impact and innovative solutions. Their client base is diverse, spanning traditional finance sectors such as fintech, funds and investments along with renewable energy, sports performance and healthtech businesses. The Summit answers the call of their clients by designing complete, intelligent eco-systems that aid all aspects of business evolution from data to deep insight, action to validation, performance and growth. 

Performance is something that resonates strongly with The Summit, both in and out of working hours. A team of keen sports enthusiasts, they bring the same drive, energy and passion to business performance analytics as they do to the sporting world they live in. The Summit were proud winners of the men’s category of the 2021 Round The Rock Relay, and feel a natural connection between being a company that analyses and improves performance for businesses, and living that philosophy themselves through their own sporting achievements.

Ben Symonds adds: “Our values are clearly evident through our new website and messaging framework. We believe in quality without compromise; we design and build quality solutions, we give quality advice and we only hire quality specialists. People who want the best come to us for a reason. We craft elegant experiences that balance beautifully designed form and powerful function. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else. We are driven by a relentless desire to make businesses better, and we don’t do things by halves. Better insights = better decisions = better performance. It’s our formula for success. Passion is what drives us to never give up, to push the boundaries to succeed and give everything we’ve got. We are proud of what we do, because we know what we’ve put into it. This strong values-led mentality that resonates through The Summit’s business model is evident in our new approach, and I believe this will be the most influential version of The Summit yet.”

The Summit’s website design and evolved messaging was delivered by The Observatory in collaboration with developer Tom Declat, and reflects The Summit’s energy and enthusiasm for empowering the best and brightest businesses with strong performance-led tools and solutions. 

Ben Symonds concludes: “You can read more and check out The Summit’s new look and feel at We are excited for the next leg of our journey and want to thank all our clients for their ongoing support - we can’t wait to show you what’s next.”

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