Case Study: Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey

Ben Symonds MSc

Performance is all about data. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Athletes understand that more than most, which is why we knew the opportunity to develop a cutting-edge data platform for our community partners, the Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey would be a game-changer for the island’s sportsmen and women.

The Summit team began with a deep dive discovery into the CGAJ’s existing data collection and review processes with input from all stakeholders, and then applied our imagination and technical skills into designing and developing a bespoke data platform that would take the organisation and their athletes to new heights.

The first of its kind in Jersey, the new self-service data platform enables CGAJ athletes to submit their own performance data, via mobile or online, and then feeds it instantly into a powerful analytics model which generates visual dashboards, analytics and reports. The data platform has the technology to not only collate all athlete performance data from multiple competition results across a wide range of diverse disciplines, but also to then analyse and measure that data, providing accurate performance-based reports across all sports and to all stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

The visual data analytics reports are now a key element of the CGAJ’s performance reviews and athlete selection processes, enabling team managers, and the athletes themselves, to gain fast and accurate data-driven insights into individual and team performances. 

Paul du Feu, MBE, CGAJ President adds: “This technology partnership has been a gamechanger for us. The CGAJ spans 15 sporting disciplines, and capturing accurate results from a huge number of athletes across such a varied and diverse range of sports, and then being able to review them quickly and effectively has always been a challenge. We knew the outcome we wanted, but we didn’t know the process that would get us there.”

“Partnering with The Summit was a marvellous move; they understood what we needed to achieve straight away, and worked enthusiastically with us, bringing their imagination, technical ability and deep understanding of data into play to massively upgrade our athlete performance data collection and review process. Their own enjoyment of sport enabled The Summit to feel real empathy with us, and we felt empowered dealing with athletes who understand technology. Their patience, persistence and creative thinking made the whole project painless.” “The data platform has set new standards for us, not only in terms of the time-saving speed and accuracy of the performance statistics, analysis and detail that we can now access at the touch of a button, but also for the discipline and accountability it has introduced for all our athletes.” “We now have accurate measures of success across all our sporting disciplines, in formats we can use and act on, giving us the ability to see, analyse and measure trends, make key decisions and empower our athletes with the tools to record, track and build on their own individual performances.” 

Data is everywhere, but on its own, data is rarely meaningful. Information and analytics need to go hand-in-hand if you want meaningful insights. During our project with the CGAJ, we were delighted to show the organisation how to best handle large volumes of athlete performance data, and develop a powerful, future-proofed solution that would turn that raw data into actionable insights and help the CGAJ and local athletes to make smart decisions and improve results. 

Performance is something that drives us here at The Summit. If it drives you too, then we’re a good fit. Let’s talk.

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