Peter Warrell

Senior Business Analytics Consultant

“My broad experience in a number of sectors and ability to see the bigger picture enable me to add value to projects beyond the core deliverables.”

As a highly experienced senior business analytics and data professional, Peter brings a strong technical and client management background, with a career that has seen him leading a large team of business intelligence and data platform consultants, as well as working as a senior business intelligence consultant with responsibility for every stage from pre-sales and analysis to system design, delivery and project management.

A skilled communicator with a keen eye for detail, Peter will spend time with clients to understand their business and requirements at a deep level, with his thoroughness ensuring that solutions are not only reliable, but also deliver great value.

“The pace of change in technology is such that most businesses have access to the tools they need, but not the time to leverage them. This means that most businesses can get quick wins from projects without an enormous investment, and this value proposition is what excites me.”

Peter’s extensive experience spans data migration and integration (including for M&A), regulatory reporting (FATCA, CRS), compliance and risk management, process automation(STP, reconciliations) and performance reporting.  Peter has worked with a range of clients from global institutions to government, banks, wealth managers and local charities. His hands-on experience of a wide range of sectors, technologies and projects enable Peter to bring a wealth of knowledge and a pragmatic, technology-agnostic approach to any undertaking.

“What drew me to The Summit? The two main things were opportunity to work with and learn from like-minded individuals who are at the top of their game, and equally, being able to work with progressive clients who appreciate the value of their data, but need help unlocking that potential.

Family walking holidays in the Lake District sparked Peter’s love of the great outdoors. In more recent years he has added hiking up Mount Olympus, Kilimanjaro and crossing glaciers to the highest peak in the Rwenzori mountains to his list of achievements. “I think that being a tiny speck in those expansive landscapes gives you a great sense of perspective and helps you to step back and look at the bigger picture when working on projects.”

A keen football player, Peter credits his 37 years of playing the sport to teaching him the importance of teamwork. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Peter cycling or swimming with his two young children or squeezing in football matches for the Grouville Over 35s.

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