full circle intelligence

partnerships get the best results

Extend your capabilities
with insights-driven success

The Partnership Model

Benefit from an ongoing partnership that enables us to continuously identify opportunities to take your business to new heights. Working closely as an extension of your team enables us to deliver strategy, skills and tools that further maximise your performance, and evolve your solutions with you.

Perhaps your business analytics just needs a lighter touch or a nudge in the right direction. Or you’re looking for the benefit of expert insight, exactly when you need it, or a framework to guide you to the right path.

/ partnership benefits

Accelerating clarity for our partners.

we partner with you to provide ongoing high level advisory and data strategy development, enabling you to leverage your in-house resources but still tap into the summit’s skills and experience.


Joint Ventures. Team up with us for launches, products and services, and let us handle it all. Speak to us direct for more details on how we can work together in a joint venture capacity.


Advisory and Roadmaps. With a wide range of experience and expertise within our team, we can set up an on-demand guidance and advisory partnership for you to tap into when you need it. Key decision points, challenges or new ideas - we’re here for you


In working with us, you’ll get focused experts to design, build and leverage best-in-class technologies to build specific, outcome-focused solutions for your project.


End User Training. The only thing we love more than making great work is helping you successfully do it on your own. We deliver bespoke training with your solutions to ensure relevance, empower engagement with all stakeholders and deliver return on investment.

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